date_range DEC 08 - 10

Araruama Tattoo Fun Fest 2023

room Complexo Educ Esportivo Prof Darcy Ribeiro

directions Av. Pref. Afranio Valladares – Areal, Araruama – RJ, 28970-000,, Araruama, Rio de Janeiro State



Welcome to the Araruama Tattoo Fun Fest! This event in Araruama, Brazil, is a vibrant celebration of tattoo art, self-expression, and community. Artists from diverse backgrounds showcase their talent and push the boundaries of body art. With a wide range of styles and techniques on display, the festival is an immersive experience for both tattoo enthusiasts and curious onlookers.

Beyond the tattoo booths, attendees can enjoy workshops, seminars, live music, and street art displays. The festival fosters a sense of acceptance and unity, creating an inclusive space for all. Come and be captivated by the artistry and electric atmosphere of the Araruama Tattoo Fun Fest!

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