date_range JUL 06, 2019

That Damn Tattoo Contest at DOTD Indianapolis 2019

room The Westin Indianapolis

directions 241 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Indiana



That Damn Tattoo Contest returns to Indianapolis! Presented by Days of The Dead Tattoo Expo, Ink Therapy Tattoo, and Indy Tattoo Expo, this year's show is set of July 6th 2019!

Hosted by Scott Medjesky and Harry Bean AKA DJ Munchies...who will have a ton of fun and give out a ton of free shit! The crowd will be able to see the tattoos be shown on the big screen thanks to film maker/tattooist Bobby Easley.

We have some amazingly talented guest judges...

Mike Shultz

Nate Bjork

Chris Taylor

Adam Stoner

We have awards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries in each of the following catigories.

small color

large color

small black and grey

large black and grey

color infused black and grey



arm/leg sleeve

back/chest panel


entry is free

you may enter each category one time

each tattoo can be entered only one time

each category will be capped at 20 entries

Stay tuned...much more coming soon!

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