date_range JUN 18 - 19

19th St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival

room A2 Green Concert

directions Prospekt Medikov, 3, 197022, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast



St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival 2022

St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival is one of the oldest events in the history of Russian tattoo art. It has been held since 2002, and during this time, the organizers have helped many masters to gain both popularity and a positive reputation. Since 2007, the Festival has acquired the status of an International Festival.

The history of St. Petersburg’s Festival has a lot of bright and memorable features including star guests, great events, publications in both federal and foreign mass media, and the best venues of Saint Petersburg. The annual audience of the Festival has reached 7000 people, and this number keeps growing.

For all the years of existence of the Tattoo Festival, about 130000 people attended the event! This huge audience is your potential customer.

The prize fund of the festival is more than a million rubles!

What is in the festival program?

⎯ A huge number of booths with top masters

— Sketch exhibition

— Interesting nominations

— Booths of tattoo equipment manufacturers and shops

— Stands with clothes and accessories

— An intense show program

Why is it worth participating?

— A great chance to make a name for yourself

— Positive image

— It is possible to participate in nominations, earn awards and valuable prizes

⎯ Meet colleagues and potential partners

⎯ To see and try new products and advances of manufacturers

Why is it worth attending the Tattoo Festival?

⎯ You can dive into an amazing world of tattoo art

⎯ The best masters of Russia and other countries.

⎯ Excellent opportunity to get a new tattoo from a non-local or even a foreign master, a big pro, a promising beginner; and it is for a great price!

⎯ More than half a million sketches on the booths of masters

⎯ Opportunity to purchase new equipment, awesome things, and accessories

⎯ Take a chance to win a tattoo by any master for free in a special drawing

⎯ A unique cultural event of an informal nature

⎯ Interesting acquaintances

⎯ Great mood!

What’s in store for you?

Open-air space where Street Art/Graffiti Contest will take place. Street artists will showcase their art and surprise visitors and participants.

Let’s rock the space with rich car audio, groovy street dance, delicious burgers, and a spectacular fire show in the final!

When and where will the St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival be taking place?

18 and 19 June 2022

A2 Green Concert Club

3 Prospekt Medikov

5 minutes from Petrogradskaya metro station.

Be sure to visit this landmark event of the Russian Tattoo Industry! You will not regret it even for a second and will get a lot of pleasant impressions!

Do not forget to follow the news on the social media of the festival, the program will be enriched with new exciting events!

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