date_range NOV 25 - 26

4th 10 November Tattoo Fest

room AJBS (AJBS Home Centre)

directions l. Ratna No.14, Ngagel, Kec. Wonokromo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60246, Surabaya, East Java



10 November Tattoo Fest 2023

Mark your calendars for the 10 November Tattoo Fest 2023—an exhilarating celebration of ink, art, and culture set against the vibrant backdrop of Indonesia. From November 25th to 26th, immerse yourself in a dynamic convergence of tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and seekers of self-expression.

Experience the captivating world of tattoo artistry as local and international talents come together to showcase their creativity. Witness live tattooing, engage in interactive workshops, and explore captivating exhibits that celebrate the art of storytelling through ink. Whether you’re an ink enthusiast, an artist seeking inspiration, or simply curious about the world of tattoos, this fest promises an unforgettable experience.

Beyond tattoos, explore the fest’s marketplace, where you can discover unique crafts, clothing, and accessories inspired by Indonesian culture. Indulge your senses with local flavors, music, and performances that capture the essence of the region.

Join us at the 10 November Tattoo Fest 2023 and be part of this dynamic celebration of art, culture, and individuality. Whether you leave adorned with new ink or with a heart full of inspiration, this event promises to leave an indelible mark on your journey.

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