date_range JUN 17 - 19

4th Taipei Tattoo Show

room Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11

directions No. 11號, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, Northern Taiwan



Taipei Tattoo Show 2022


無論對於紋身師、演出者或參與活動的各位 ,感受會更深• 而我們,也已經連續取消了兩次。



今年,最痛音樂祭「紋音祭 IV」再開!




Dermal Source 2022

[沒有國際才能更國際] 警戒與封鎖隔斷了我們與國際參展者與觀眾的親臨,但我們也更加反思了更多展會的型態與做法,今年我們將會增加賽事與演出現場的直播,也將活動主題更融入於「本土」:參展藝術家的介紹推廣平台與推展台灣紋身藝術的教育推廣與風格演化,台灣早已是亞洲紋身藝術發展程度最高的國家,我們的自由也展現在各種藝術風格的演化,透過展會與競賽的推廣,我們相信這些無價的藝術文化資產,能在後疫情時代在國際舞臺上繼續發光發熱。


Everyone worked hard, whether it is for the tattoo artist, the performer or everyone involved in the event, the feeling will be deeper and we have cancelled it twice in a row.

But it is far less than the tattoo artists who need to get close to their work, the performers whose activities have been cancelled, and the enthusiasm of everyone who wants to explore the unknown.

We are all blocked, we are all struggling to make a living, and we are persevering for the faith of the workers!

This year, the most painful music festival “Taipei Tattoo Show IV” will be held again!

Guests can think about it again, and the performance can be postponed, but the enthusiasm for participating in the competition and activities can no longer be quenched. Without enthusiasm, we will become dead fish. During the two years of cancellation, we will rename the event only to “Taipei Tattoo Show” ”, and also handle trademark registration, tattoo + music, simple and clear, no longer a tongue-in-cheek name. The epidemic has hit us hard. We will still maintain the number of sessions we canceled for the first time this year. Even if it is a number that can be avoided, the haze will dissipate. We are willing to be the first to welcome the dawn. The forerunner, fearless, there is no one, our enthusiasm comes from the support of our exhibiting artists, performances and enthusiastic audiences, we will still bring the most complete industry expositions, professional competitions and wonderful performances.

Vigilance and blockade have cut off our presence with international exhibitors and audiences, but we have also reflected on the types and practices of more exhibitions. This year, we will increase the live broadcast of events and performances, and will also integrate the theme of the event. The introduction and promotion platform of participating artists and the promotion of education, promotion and style evolution of tattoo art in Taiwan. Taiwan has long been the country with the highest development of tattoo art in Asia. Our freedom is also shown in the evolution of various artistic styles. Promotion, we believe that these priceless artistic and cultural assets can continue to shine on the international stage in the post-epidemic era.

The Taipei Tattoo Show a great for three days of high-energy entertainment from 17 to 19 June 2022.

Artist and Vendor Booths are filling up FAST!

Contact us now to secure your booth at the best Tattoo Show in Taipei.

The 2022 lineup will feature over 150 tattoo artists from Taiwan and around the globe under one roof.

For booth reservations please email at:

See you at the Taipei Tattoo Music Show!

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