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Like other tattoos out there, clavicle tattoos can be large (extending from the shoulders to the neck) or small, and can perfectly frame a cute design. Regardless of the design you have in mind, if you are lusting after a clavicle tattoo, these tats are especially tricky to create, so you need to be prepared for a longer sit than the average tattoo, even if it's a small piece. And you also need to be prepared to brace yourself.

Putting a needle in the collarbone may be undoubtedly one of the most painful tattoo spots according to both artists and clients. This is a result of the bones being prominent and covered by relatively thin skin.

Some tattooers say that the biggest appeal for a tattoo on or around your collarbone is the balanced, symmetrical aesthetic. A collarbone tattoo can be a classy or a nasty spot depending on which design you've got your eyes on. Popular collarbone tattoo designs include matching tattoos, constellations, ornaments, flowers, birds and hearts, and the spot just below your clavicle is a favorite for fine script lettering.

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