Micro Tattoos

Tiny tattoos, smaller than 1 inch (2.5 cm) approximately, that you can filter by subject, style and body part, and order by date or score.

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Micro tattoos are cute and are never out of trend, and they open up a world of possibilities for needle-phobes and commitment-phobes alike.

They look awesome in pictures when they are fresh, but in real life, though, they can get a bit worse for wear. The smaller the tattoo the greater your chances of it spreading over time and mushing together. If you don't research and make sure you to go to someone who specializes in small tattoos, there is a big chance that your tattoo is going to get laser removed or covered up in about five years. So make sure you weigh the pros and cons before committing to a tiny tattoo.

If the micro tattoo has a ton of detail, the tattooer has to be on point. He has to be precise, and there's a lot more room for error because you can't cover it up with a thick line or shading.

These little fine line tattoos, however, have extra perks, like the actual needle-on-skin time, which is minimal. Five to twenty minutes and you鈥檙e done, so quick your body doesn鈥檛 have a chance to go through hours of pain.

According to people who have little tattoos, the appeal of getting a tattoo in a place you can see it only when you are naked is in the intimacy. You only show it to the people closest to you.

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