Op Art Tattoos

Gallery of Op Art style tattoos that can be filtered by subject, body part and size.

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Op Art, short for Optical Art, is characterized by visual ambiguity. Artists intentionally play tricks on the eyes of the viewer, creating hidden images or the illusion of movement in a stationary design.

Visual illusions manipulate the human brain by simultaneously triggering different functions of eyesight.

By repeating high and low contrast colors, flashing bright lights with darkness in rapid succession, or mixing the foreground/background dimensional planes, the artist can disorient the viewer鈥檚 equilibrium and their understanding of reality.

Op Art in tattooing is unique, as it rests on a 3D surface that stretches and moves around in the world. Most Op Art tattooers take advantage of the architecture of their client鈥檚 body, using it to manipulate perspective of the body鈥檚 physical form.

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