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Mountain View



Non-Binary Gender Identity


April 10, 2017 · Single needle bird tattoo on his left inner forearm, by Dr. Woo.


December 8, 2015 · The British-born songwriter has a script that reads "Alone" on the back of his right arm. "This is just me being a melancholy twat haha. I do see it as a small positive thou... No longer lonely... Just alone..."


December 8, 2015 · Script on the back of his left arm that says "honesty." Is what Smith promises to be in his music.


December 8, 2015 · In december 2015, Sam Smith got four tattoos in one day by artist Stanislava Pinchuk: “So honored & overwhelmed to not only have met this incredible artist, but to have her tattoo four bits of work on my body today. I adore you Miso, such an inspiring human xx my next few photos shall be the tats...”. The first tattoo was a symbol on the inside of his finger, shows one of the first tattoos documented, found on a mummy buried alone in the ice.


December 8, 2015 · Equality sign inked on Sam Smith's wedding ring finger. It shows his views on gay marriage and equality for all.


Sam Smith has two finger tattoos of the male and female gender symbols. About those, he told MTV UK: "I’ll never tell anyone why I have them, but I love them."


He has an ice cream cone tattoo on his left leg that he got during his first trip to Los Angeles.


2010 · At age 18, Sam Smith got a tattoo of an airplane because he was drunk and fresh-off a plane.

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