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Mountain View


American actress, singer and fashion designer.


Matching tattoo of the word "angel" with friend Nicola peltz.


'By God' ankle tattoo.


Pink rose tattoo on her upper back.


Small cross on the collarbone.


January 16, 2020 路 'Rare' tattoo on the right side of Selena's neck.


6/19/17 on the back of Selena鈥檚 right upper arm.


November 24, 2019 路 Selena Gomez Reveals new HUGE upper thigh tattoo of hands praying with a rosary.


November 13, 2019 路 Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels get matching arrow tattoos.


August 18, 2018 路 Selena Gomez and Courtney Barry got a matching 1 tattoo..


August 18, 2018 路 Selena Gomez and 3 friends all got matching tattoos together.


April 10, 2017 路 Selena added another piece to her already robust collection of eight little tattoos scattered across her body. This time she inked a small semi-colon on the outside of her left wrist in honor of her new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, together with her castmates Tommy Dorfman and Alisha Boe. see


April 20, 2016 路 The pop star posted a photo to Instagram and in it, Selena Gomez inadvertently showed off a new tattoo that reads 鈥淪unshine鈥 in a simple black text, located on the outside of her right foot. Selena鈥檚 foot tattoo was inspired by her 鈥淣ana,鈥 maternal grandmother Debbie Jean Gibson, which is her sunshine, as she tweeted back in 18 March 2016. see


September 2015 路 Hindu Om symbol on the pop star's left hip. see


June 2015 路 Lower-case "g" tattoo on Selena's neck, behind her left ear. A initial 鈥済鈥 for her baby sister, Gracie. see


July 16, 2014 路 "Love yourself first" in arabic (兀丨亘 賳賮爻賰 兀賵賱丕), by Bang Bang. see


October 28, 2013 路 Selena revealed her 鈥淕od who strengthens me鈥 tattoo inked vertically down on her right hip: 鈥淚t鈥檚 Philippians 4:13鈥︹橧 can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' 鈥 see


30 September, 2012 路 Number 76 in roman numerals. According to Bang Bang, this tattoo was in honor of a family member that she holds close to her heart. see


February 22, 2012, she got her first tattoo, a tiny music note tattoo to remind her of her background in music, at Hollywood鈥檚 Under the Gun tattoo shop by Louie Gomez. Shop employee Jordan Sandoval tweeted a picture of Selena and Louie, and captioned 鈥淪he got a little heart tattoo at Under The Gun, in Hollywood by Louie Gomez,鈥. see

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