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Toe tattoos are challenging and require upkeep, and you must remain prepared to experience a lot of pain when the tattoo artist executes the design on your toe. This is because your toes have little flesh to act as a cushion and also have lots of nerve endings to hurt a lot when the tattoo is being made. Luckily, this tattoos are small and most of them are done very quickly.

Before you consider a tattoo on the toe, consider they have a tendency to fade quickly, and you will most likely need to get your design touched up if you want your toe tattoo to look good in the long run. Because toes suffer excessive wear, tear, and exfoliation, tattoos here are notorious for fading fast, sometimes even before they're completely healed. Many times, those tattoos look great in photos, but it's because on many occasions they are taken just after the person is freshly inked and hasnโ€™t fully healed.

When it comes to the basic care of these tats, you must use a fragrance free moisturizer to keep the skin supple and protected. While the tattoo is healing, you need to keep your hands clean and dry. Keep in mind that feet tattoos can also require longer healing times since friction with shoes can lead to irritation or potential infection. The more open your shoes, the better. Saran Wrap will become your best friend.

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